RW picture DSC_5764Professor Jacques Albert


PhD (McGill), M. Sc. (Laval), B. Sc. (Montreal)

Fellow of the Optical Society of America


Canada Research Chair in Advanced Photonic Components

Department of Electronics, Carleton University

1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario

Canada K1S 5B6


Office: Room 7068 Minto Center

Lab: Room 5041 Minto Center

Telephone: (613)520-2600 x5578

Fax: (613)520-5708



In 2004 the Canada Research Chair in Advanced Photonic Components was established in the Department of Electronics, Carleton University. The Chair was renewed in 2011 for another seven year term by the Canada Research Chairs Secretariat.


The Laboratory: A new Photonics Laboratory was then put in place in 2005 with funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Ontario Innovation Trust, and significant contributions from several private sector partners.


The Laboratory is staffed by an experienced full time technical officer:

Ms. Albane LARONCHE (613-520-2600 x1636).


Research areas: Our area of expertise deals with novel devices and systems based on photonic waveguides made of glass, in fibre or planar configurations. More specifically, we have unique expertise and capabilities for the development of devices based on periodic structures, fabricated in our laboratories. Finally our main fields of application focus on optical sensing for biomedical, environmental, resource industry and aerospace applications.


• News:

Group members upcoming conferences. Sondos, Violeta, and Dingyi are going to Photonics North in Quebec City at the end of May to present some of their work. Jacques will present invited talks at the European Workshop on Optical Fiber Sensors (EWOFS 2016) in Limerick (Ireland) in the first week of June, then another one at ICOOPMA in Montreal. Jacques will also participate in the OSA Advanced Photonics Congress in Vancouver, as a committee member.  



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A few examples of our work.


IEEE SPECTRUM (APRIL 2014): A biochemical laboratory on an optical fiber


Optical properties of Nanoscale gold coatings on optical fibers

W. Zhou, D. J. Mandia, M. B. E. Griffiths, S. T. Barry, and J. Albert, "Effective Permittivity of Ultrathin Chemical Vapor Deposited Gold Films on Optical Fibers at Infrared Wavelengths," J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 670678 (2014).
















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